Deep Creek Vacation Rentals

Railey Office

With a total of over thirty years experience in the Deep Creek Lake vacation rental market, our friendly staff members are experts in the industry. Choose from over 390 premier vacation rental homes in the Deep Creek area. Our homes are impeccably maintained and range in size from cozy one bedrooms to spacious ten-bedroom properties. Possible features and amenities include: private pools and hot tubs, game rooms, air conditioning, dog friendly, private docks and home theaters. Search and book easily online. Find Deep Creek Vacation Rentals here!

Standards of Excellence

Reservationists: It’s important to know you can trust your reservationist. “You can be assured we know the vacation home you’re renting and can describe it to you in great detail…” states Cathy. Don’t worry-our team of reservation specialists continually tour our homes and have extensive, first-hand knowledge of each home to answer your questions.


Owner Representatives: This team of professionals work together to maintain and improve our homes so your Maryland vacation can be carefree. If an unexpected nuisance should occur during your stay-we’re just a phone call away!

Housekeeping: Our hard working, well-trained housekeepers care for our homes to ensure your Deep Creek vacation gets off to a clean start! The beds are made with quality linens and towels. We do full cleaning inspections on the day of your arrival to ensure a clean, quality vacation home every time.



Maintenance: Have a squeaking door, a torn screen, or a light out?-we are more than happy to fix, repair or replace it. We have full-time maintenance technicians in the field taking care of all the little nuisances so you are free to enjoy your vacation.

House Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Hot Tub & Private Pool Department: With over 300 homes offering hot tubs, our certified technicians treat, clean, drain, and fill the hot tubs over 17,000 times each year. We work hard to provide safe, clean hot tubs & private pools for your enjoyment. But remember, guests have an obligation to educate themselves on the proper way to safely use a hot tub & private pool. Please read all directions carefully and call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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