Did You Know?
Railey Mountain Lake Vacations has a full-service property service office located in nearby Oakland, MD!

This expansive facility is home to many of our biggest departments, like housekeeping, laundry, our owner representatives, maintenance, and hot tubs & pool services. By offering these services in-house, and training our team members to be experts in these fields, we can offer quality home care at a lower price point!

Meet the Team

While you are likely familiar with our housekeeping and laundry services– having experienced for yourself our clean sheets and tidy homes–  you may not be as familiar with our Owner Representatives. Although our team of Owner Representatives play a key role in the process of providing excellent service, they largely work behind-the-scenes as a liaison between our homeowners and our guests.

Our Owner Representatives are the final foot in the door before check-in and are the first people back in the home following guest departure. They are here to ensure that each and every one of our homes meet our high standards of quality and cleanliness, that maintenance items are promptly reported and fixed, and that each guest experience is a good one.

Each Owner Representative is assigned to an individual rotation of houses, meaning that these guys are experts on the ins and outs of our homes, allowing for lost and broken items to be quickly identified and replaced, and for questions about the home to be answered with ease!

Meet the Team

We also have a fleet of talented maintenance workers and hot tub and pool technicians. Together, they help to maintain and repair all your favorite in-home amenities. Be sure to call us with any issues that may arise during your stay; our maintenance team is always happy to come out and make repairs and inspect the home, as needed.

Additionally, our hot tub & pool technicians make regularly scheduled visits to the home to assure the proper working condition of all hot tubs and pools.  We know that the use of these amenities are oftentimes the highlight of your Deep Creek Lake vacation, so we make the top-quality care and maintenance of hot tubs and pool an absolute priority among our staff. To aid in this endeavor, all hot tubs and pools are serviced immediately before and after your stay. Further, if your home has a pool, you can expect to see our pool technicians once a day to check on the pool and perform all state-regulated health & safety checks.

Next time you come for a stay at one of our rustic ski lodges or charming lakefront chalets, be sure to keep an eye out for all the little touches around the home that make for a great stay. From an abundance of clean towels to a well-serviced hot tub, our Property Services team members all do their best to provide a great home for you and your family! Enjoy!