Deep Creek Lake Rentals

Want to SUP with your Pup?

Have you watched Deep Creek Lake lovers stand-up paddling (SUP) with their dogs aboard with envy?   Sharing this outdoor adventure with our four-legged friends in the summer of ’16 seems like an achievable goal.   We have dogs and decided to research the training methods used by successful paddlers prior to the beginning of the season to ensure that we were ready to hit the water when the temperature heats up.

Here is what we learned!

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Flower Pot

CYOFP (Create Your Own Flower Pot)

Deep Creek Lake has an abundance of outdoor activities to try during your stay, from hiking to biking to even learning how to rock climb; this area has it all. But you wouldn’t want to spend your whole vacation away from you rental home, would you? You know, the beautiful rental home that has been taunting you since the day you booked it? Here’s a way to stay at “home” and still have an exciting DCL experience!

Create Your Own Flower Pot! This fun and easy activity not only exercises your creative side, but you get a great souvenir to take home too! Just stop by the Dollar General store, located at 25185 Garrett Hwy, McHenry, MD 21541, before your check in at Railey Mountain Lake Vacations and pick out one of the various sizes of flower pots to decorate. Don’t forget your paint, brushes, stickers, and what ever supplies you desire to create your very own masterpiece.

Did you forget something? No worries, just look outside! You would be surprised what great materials you can find right in your backyard. From twigs to colorful leaves, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Once you have your supplies, the fun can begin!

Below is a cutout sheet to give your flower pot the DCL touch! See who can create the most unique and colorful flower pot.

Once you have finished, store the flower pots safely in your luggage for the ride home and once you arrive home, showcase your handmade Deep Creek Lake vacation souvenir for all to admire!


Wisp Activities

6 Activities on 1 Mountain

1. Scenic Chairlift Rides– Take a smooth ride to the top of the mountain to see the most beautiful views of Deep Creek. See if you can spot the Railey Mountain Lake Vacations building from high in the sky. 

Ticket Prices: Adult $14 Children $9

Scenic Chair Liftmini

2. Mountain Coaster– Looking for a ride to the top with a little more thrill? Hop in one of the Mountain Coaster’s coaster carts and let the ride begin. The motorized pulley system will take you to the top of the mountain and the rest is up to you! You control your speed as you race down the 3,500-foot track while dipping, turning, and holding on!

Ticket Prices: Single Rider $14 / Double Rider $19

Mnt Coastermini

3. Disk golf– Some call it Disk golf and others call it Frisbee golf. Here at Deep Creek Lake we call it FUN! If you haven’t tried disk golf yet, you’re missing out! Gather the family and grab a disk, it’s time to exercise your accuracy!

Ticket Prices: 9 Holes (No lift) $9 / 18 Holes (Includes lift) $19, Disk Rental (3) $5

Disk Golfmini

4. Segway Tours– What can be said about Segways that isn’t already apparent, they’re a blast! Zip around the Wisp Resort at your own pace and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Ticket Prices: Basic Tour $54 (1hr)

Segway Toursmini

5. Mountain Biking – Have you heard the saying off the beaten path? Well Wisp Resort mountain biking creates a whole new meaning! Offering a “Freeriding Park” that allows you to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie and challenge yourself as you weave in and out of the surrounding woods.

Ticket Price: (Click here for pricing chart)

Mnt Bikingmini

6. Canopy Tours– Traditional zip line meets obstacle course at Wisp Resort. Make that reoccurring flying dream come true with Wisp’s canopy tours. Offering three courses, from small to large, the trained guides will help you every step of the way, or see how far you can make it on your own!

Ticket Price: (Click here for pricing chart)

Canopy Toursmini