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250 Adventure Sports Way, McHenry MD 21541

The (Adventure Sports Center International) ASCI offers guided hikes in the 550 acre protected Fork Run Recreation Area as well as around the mountain top (and through the whitewater course). ASCI will guide groups of all ages, and will fit the hike/ walk accordingly (some trails cross onto paved paths -- for some, that is where hiking turns to walking). ASCI guides will bring first aid supplies, water and radio.

The Fitness hike is approximately 2 hours in length and features a snack. The Backcountry Hike is approximately 1/2 day in length and features lunch.

A great diversity of wildlife call Fork Run their home, including black bear, white-tailed deer, Eastern wild turkey, coyote, ground hog, fox, fisher, rattlesnake, red-tailed hawk and numerous other residential and migratory species. Fauna is representative of the Alleghany Mountains, ranging from Princess Pine to spagnum moss to all the various hardwoods of the mid-Atlantic Eastern forests. Fork Run is protected through the Maryland Environment Trust with a permanent conservation easement that allows only certain, non-motorized activities and limited infrastructure development.