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72 Fort Drive, McHenry MD 21541

There's a lot to smile about with our Miles of Smiles All Day Pass!* (see restrictions below) Now you can play early and stay late because you can play all day on:

  • Frontier Adventure Mini Golf - Pros and beginners alike will have a blast on Smiley's mini-golf course. Complete with lush greens, sand traps, water hazards and an amazing view of the lake, competing against the family or beating our course par could never be more fun!
  • Laser Tag - Experience an awesome adrenaline rush in our Laser Tag maze! So watch out, you never know where someone's hiding. With obstacles and suprise around every turn, Laser Runner challenges the greatest laser tag marksman. This game is fun for all ages, 4 years and older.
  • Road Track Go Carts - Overlooking Deep Creek Lake, Smiley's Grand Prix Road Track was design just for us, featuring left and right turns with hills and valleys that provide a thrilling race to the finish! This track has single and double carts, so the family can join in the fun! Height restrictions: 58" driver, 40" passenger.
  • Slick Track Go Carts - We leave the simple old oval tracks eating our dust with one of a kind slick track. With tighter twists and turns this track challenges the driver right up to the finish line. Height restriction: 56"
  • Kiddie Go Carts - Do you dream of your children becoming professional race car drivers? Jump-start their careers on our Rookie go carts. Even if racing is not in their futures, the smiles on their faces are worth all of their would-be fame. For ages 4-10 as long as they can reach the pedals.
  • Bumper Boats - Get wet and wild with your family and friends on our bumper boats. Cruise around the pool or aim your boat for someone you know! You will find more smiles per splash on these boats. Height requirement: 44" driver, 40" passenger.

* Miles of Smiles Rules & Regulations: Once the All Day pass is activated, it is good for that day only for one person only. No further discounts or refunds will be issued due to weather or any unforeseen conditions, such as, but not limited to, attraction malfunctions. All height, age and other regulatory rules apply to every driver!

Other Fun at Smileys:

Batting Cages - Batter up! Practice is fun in one of our batting cages, where you can work on your swing for both softball and baseball. Select from different speeds and pitches to see how well you can hit the ball. There is no umpire, so the three strikes and you're out rule doesn't apply here!

Arcades - We have 3 different arcade areas wher you and your friends can compete at the latest video and redemption games. Go for the high score or save your tickets for a cool prize.