Western Maryland is a historical haven! From old-timey cabins and historical museums to pre-historic swamps and revolutionary war-era bridges, there is so much to learn about in and around Deep Creek Lake!


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Garrett County Museum of Transportation –  Historic carriages, sleighs, buggies, and other automobiles are displayed in two floors of transportation exhibits. A perfect pit-stop when exploring historic downtown Oakland, the Museum of Transportation also features a variety of exhibits on our local state parks and the cultural heritage of western Maryland.

Garrett County Historical Museum –  Explore more than 200 years of Garrett County history in one afternoon. The museum has several themed rooms including the B&O Room, Victorian room, Military Room, and more. Highlights include a fully operational replica B&O train that was featured in the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and an exhibit detailing Garrett County’s role in the Civil War.


Cranesville Swamp-  Cranesville Swamp, a boreal peat bog located at the state line between Maryland and West Virginia, is a relic from another era- specifically, from the Pleistocene Epoch, or the time our last ice age. This swamp and the plants contained within it formed 15,000 years ago and remain perfectly preserved due to a frost pocket effect in the area allowing the swamp to remain cooler, and wetter than the surrounding areas. 

Casselman River Bridge State Park- This state park is a popular destination for bikers, hikers, and fisherman. The fly-fishing here is especially exceptional in the spring time and the bike trail is a wonderful excursion come fall, spring, and summer.  The bridge itself was erected in 1813. Its 80 foot span was the largest stone arch in America at the time of its construction, marking an important architectural milestone in our country’s history. Be sure to walk around the “Little Crossings” area. Little Crossings, the stretch of land surrounding the river, was reportedly dubbed so by George Washington during his time as a Colonel in the Revolutionary War. Colonel Washington and General Braddock passed through Grantsville on June 19, 1755, on their ill-fated expedition to Fort Duquesne. Little Crossings is also home to the historic Stanton Mill. Dated back to 1859,  Stanton Mill offers a peak back at the industrial heritage of Western Maryland.

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deep creek lake vacation rentals things to do fallingwaterFallingwater – Did you know that the famed Fallingwater house, designed by American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is less than an hour away from Deep Creek Lake? Built in 1935, this national historical landmark was named by the American Institute of Architects as the “best all-time work of American architecture.” The striking beauty and innovation of this home make it readily apparent why the home has become such a critical centerpiece of American design. Come discover for yourself why Travel + Leisure Magazine named the home, “one of the 12 landmarks that will change the way you see to world.”


deep creek lake vacation rentals things to do laurel cavernsLaurel Caverns –  The deepest cave in Pennsylvania is just an hour away from Deep Creek Lake! Laurel Caverns is a geological wonder! Embark on a guided tour of the caverns to penetrate 46 stories deep into the ground and check out the cave’s signature ‘gravity hill’, where balls appear to roll uphill. Feel adventurous? You can go spelunking and rappelling, too!