Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit the Deep Creek area, with the mountains painted in vibrate colors of changing leaves. So what is it exactly that causes the leaves to change and what determines the colors that will appear? Temperature, sunlight, moisture, and the species of the tree all play a part in what colors will show. Cooler air especially at night create red and purple pigments, while an early frost can stop the leaves ability to produce these pigments and end the colorful foliage. During drought conditions the leaves can drop before they have a chance to change colors. The best conditions for a colorful fall would include abundant moisture during the trees growing season followed by a dry, cool, sunny autumn. Come see what colors will appear this year around the lake! There are still a lot of things to do in the area during this time. Take in the views on a scenic drive or enjoy a hike at one the many state parks. It is also time for Deep Creek’s annual five day celebration, The Autumn Glory Festival. This year’s festival will be help October 10-14th and features many attractions including Oktoberfest, parades, local art and craft exhibits, live music and more. Start planning your fall vacation here. As summer comes to an end the vibrate fall foliage is a gentle reminder that winter is on its way, but don’t worry that just means it is time to dust off your skis and enjoy another season on the slopes or spend a winter getaway relaxing in the hot tub or gather around a fireplace with friends and family! Plan your fall or winter stay today by visiting www.deepcreek.comwhere you can book lodging and activities for any time of the year!