When looking for the best activity for your Deep Creek Lake vacation, it is often best to consult with the locals. So, what are the locals saying for the upcoming spring season? Now is the perfect time to get out and kayak!

Any kayak enthusiast and water loving local will tell you that Spring is the perfect time to explore the area’s many watersheds and tributaries; it is often thought that conditions for kayaking and canoeing are best before the start of June. It is certainly still a worthwhile adventure come the summer months, but there is nothing more thrilling than slipping your kayak into the water for an early spring morning, watching nature blossom to life, and baby animals explore their new world for the first time.

Looking to kayak on the lake?  Take advantage of the slower spring season! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Department of Natural Resources enforces stricter rules and regulations on kayaking and canoeing, so the time is ripe to don a wetsuit and explore the lake’s many coves and inlets before the summer crowds arrive.

If you are looking for something a little more challenging, you may want to consider whitewater kayaking. You can venture down the nearby Youghiogheny River or Cheat River for a thrilling day on the water. The Middle Yough is especially well suited for beginner kayakers to practice and hone their skills in the water, while the Upper and Lower Yough, as well as Cheat River, should only be tackled by experienced kayakers.

When you’re ready, single or double kayaks can be rented from Wisp Resort,  Deep Creek Marina, and other local marinas and rental facilities. For the ultimate in convenience, Wisp Resort will deliver your kayaks to your rental home and pick them back up when you’re done. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Reserve a kayak for your Deep Creek vacation today! If you are still feeling hesitant, you can ease into things with an hour and a half guided tour from Wisp Resort to get a feel for some kayak basics and to explore the calmer parts of Deep Creek Lake.

Whether you prefer the calming serenity of flat water kayaking or the adrenaline rush of whitewater, the greater Deep Creek Lake area offers a kayak experience for everyone! Get paddling!