Make this winter extra special with a stay in one of our large homes. Now is a great time to go big!

Cooking together in the kitchen, sharing a meal with all your loved ones, playing card games into the night: these are the memories that last a lifetime. Make them this winter by booking one of our large homes!

Come summer, most of our large homes will require week-long bookings, meaning more planning, more vacation hours used, and more money. For those who aren’t able to pull off the logistics involved in renting a large home for the summer, winter is a wonderful alternative! By booking a weekend getaway, it’s easier to get all your friends and family on-board to spend a magical weekend in Deep Creek. Plus, the winter season comes with a unique beauty all its own with the tranquil hush of morning snow and the pure exhilaration of nights spent under the stars. You can ski or snowboard, go snow tubing, hike around our state parks or hit the town for shopping and dining excursions around the lake. Or stay home and use any one of the many in-home amenities we offer like pool tables, hot tubs, private pools, and more!  No stress, no hassle; just pure fun!

Here are a few of our favorite big homes:

Log Retreat- 9 Bedrooms

Log Retreat is unique estate property made up of two of our homes, Log Mahal and Log Hut!

Almost Aspen- 7 Bedrooms 

Lake’s End- 8 Bedrooms 

Under the Moon- 9 Bedrooms 

We all need a little fun to help us get through the cold winter months– how about an exciting getaway to Deep Creek Lake with all your friends and family to help make the most of it! We’ve got a wide selection of large homes to accommodate the whole crew!