Have you ever wondered where ‘downstate’ begins?   The answers vary from ‘other side of the pass’ to ‘east of Cumberland.’ I suspect the true answer is closer to the intersection of I68 and 219. Garrett County folk have a deep understanding that they share a large slice of Maryland heaven.

It doesn’t take many days in the mountains to realize that time spent ‘downstate’ is just a necessary distraction from cool, fresh air, long hikes, and evening boat rides. This time of the year, downstate is down right sweltering and the hot air is due to more than simply an over abundance of politicians.

Even as I write this blog, the Air quality warning is alternating with the local pollen alert on my weather app and while the temperature is merely 91 degrees, the weather.com guru has posted that it feels like a stifling 106 degrees. (How do they even know that?)

Like many of you, I am afforded the opportunity to work remotely. My Australian Shepherd, Ellie and I split our time between Annapolis and Deep Creek Lake and while I continue to work from my mountain location, there is a constant feeling of being on vacation. In the evenings, you will often find us swimming in the lake, hiking around Swallow Falls with an occasional dip in one of the pools, and enjoying an evening meal in one of our dog friendly restaurants. One of us gets up quite early so watching the sun appear in all of its glory with a cup of hot coffee on the deck has become a much-anticipated part of each lakeside day.

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Why not leave downstate in your rear view mirror today? The cool mountain breeze, refreshing lake waters, and endless hiking trails are waiting.