Please take a few minutes to read the following letter from our friend, Eli.  He is working with his school, local Crellin Elementary, on a “Be The Change” challenge.  We partner very closely with Crellin in other charitable endeavors.  Eli has nominated Railey Mountain Lake Vacations to help participate in this wonderful project.

Eli has chosen to work with Broken Road Associates, an organization that donates new receiving blankets for newborns to our local hospitals.

We will be collecting receiving blankets throughout the month of April.  If you will be visiting the lake, we would love for you to participate.  Please bring new receiving blankets to our main office.

As always, we appreciate our partnership.  Thank you for helping us with a great cause!

Your Friends at Railey Mountain Lake Vacations

  Hi! My name is Eli Friend.  I am in the 4th grade at Crellin Elementary School.
My teacher, Mrs. Stephens, assigned a year- long project called, “Be the Change.”
I chose to call my project Eli’s Challenge.  I am collecting receiving blankets for Broken Road Associates. Bill and Brittany German started their association when their daughter, Rilynn, was in the NICU at Ruby.
They discovered that babies were being swaddled in scratchy blankets.  The extreme washing conditions
in the hospital causes the blankets to become scratchy.  The Germans made it their goal to supply our local
hospital and Ruby Memorial Hospital with an abundance of new, soft, snuggly receiving blankets.

I am challenging Railey Mountain Lake Vacation Rentals to help me collect new receiving blankets
during the month of April.
  I will return at the end of the month to pick up blankets you have collected.

Thank you for helping to make my project a success and donating to an amazing organization
that is making a difference in the lives of babies.




Let’s “Be the Change” and help Eli with his challenge!

Please deliver your donated receiving blankets to the RMLV Main Office Lobby.  We will be accepting blankets until the end of April or you can make a donation online:

Make a Donation

Supporting Babies, Caregivers and Hospitals

Broken Road Associates’ inspiration is derived from the personal feelings and experiences
of two loving parents caring for their daughter in a NICU.  The emotional and physical touch
a caregiver can provide to a baby fighting to survive can do amazing things.  Providing support
and understanding from parents who have been in the same situation helps alleviate the parental
feeling of “…I’m alone in this fight for my baby’s life.”