In 2014, with Nancy Railey at the helm, RMLV accepted the challenge to elevate innovation and service; our two most recognized standards of success, in order to propel hospitality at Deep Creek Lake into the digital future. With the area’s largest portfolio of vacation homes, and the management of the lake’s only two lakefront condo hotels, we partnered with a European software company and launched five new websites to better serve our guests. Demand for convenient online booking and advanced payment technology pushed us to think creatively and find solutions that redefined efficiency through innovation.

When you work with Nancy, you work with someone who appreciates collaboration and learning. She built her business toiling alongside her homeowners to amplify their investments, capitalizing on relationships with local business owners in accounting, maintenance, and local attractions. As one of Garrett County’s largest employers, Nancy often finds herself at local restaurants sitting beside employees and their families, getting popcorn at Garrett Cinemas along side a summer employee, or enjoying a gas pump conversation with one of our maintenance guys filling up between work orders. Her wisdom and sense of humor leave a lasting impression and make RMLV a family.

Throughout the community, Nancy is a notable philanthropist, supporting local events and charities, but closest to her heart is her support and love of animals. Her commitment to our local organizations, HART for Animals and the Humane Society, remain two of her most treasured priorities.

Nancy’s story of success is remarkable. Her achievements in business and commitment to community have formed a lasting impact around Deep Creek Lake and her generous spirit and desire to innovate has made RMLV the premier vacation home rental company in western Maryland.

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