Everything is becoming fresh and new in Deep Creek. Buds turn the mountainsides a shade of red, just waiting for the perfect moment to spring fresh green leaves. Fishermen are in heaven when the docks are put back into the water and the boat launches are open again. This is the perfect time to emerge from your winter hideaway and take a trip to the lake. Get to know Garrett County like a local, visit beautiful galleries of unique artisans, discover the rich history of the area from the Casselman River Bridge to historic Oakland, and go out on a limb with new adventures like rock climbing and kayaking.

Explore some of our favorite Deep Creek Lake activities to make thing spring something special! And be sure to keep an eye out for our spring blogs, like the ones below. We’ll be posting more throughout the season!

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Check Out Some of Our Favorite Spring Blogs:

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Let Deep Creek Lake inspire creativity in you! Whether you are sitting on the dock, sketchbook in hand, or participating in an Art Party with A Thirst for Art, there are so many ways to make art in Deep Creek Lake! Click Here to Read More!

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Spring is a great time to try something new. Why not explore the outdoors through Geocaching? Part modern-day treasure hunt, part outdoor exploration, this spring activity is an adventure every time!  Click Here to Read More! 

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Think you have seen all that Garrett County has to offer? Think again!

Garrett County attracts the most extreme exploration seekers and outdoor adventurers, and there’s no wonder why; it’s beautiful here! But not many know about local’s favorites, the trails that aren’t usually visited. We’re going to let you in on a little secret and reveal some of Garrett County’s best hiking trails. Lace up your boots and grab your water bottle, NOW is the ideal time to get out and explore! Click Here to Read More! 

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When looking for the best activity for your Deep Creek Lake vacation, it is often best to consult with the locals. So, what are the locals saying for the upcoming spring season? Now is the perfect time to get out and kayak! Click Here to Read More!

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Besides the “I Love DCL” bumper stickers and ceramic bear figurines, the best souvenir to take home from your Deep Creek Lake vacation is a treasured photo album of scenic vistas and smiling faces. To help in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Places to Take a Selfie at Deep Creek Lake. Click Here to Read More! 

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A Guest Blog by Evan Greenwald, Outreach Associate at Monongahela National Forest. From navigation basics and water to first aid, nutrition, and more, here are Evan’s “essentrails” for a successful hike around the Deep Creek Lake area… plus a few of his favorite local hiking spots! Click Here to Read More! 

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 How often are you given the opportunity to experience prehistory? To reach out and touch something from an age long past and see the world as it was thousands of years ago? When you take a hike through the Cranesville Swamp, located at the border between Maryland and West Virginia, you are transported back 15,000 years to the last ice age of the Pleistocene Epoch. Click Here to Read More!