Veteran’s Day is a time to honor all of those, past and current, who have dedicated their lives to protect our country. Here at Railey Mountain Lake Vacations we would like to show our appreciation and say thank you to all veterans. 

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“Within the RMLV family, we would like to recognize and send our greatest appreciation to Staff Sergeant Maria Tasker-McDonnell, sister of Serena Lucas, and Chief Troy Lundquist, brother of Leah Bulhack and Bryanne Miller. “Veterans Day to me is a day we celebrate those who have made such great sacrifices for us. When you have a family member who is sent over to fight, the worry is unimaginable but the pride you feel is also unimaginable. We love her for what she does for us and pray for the day that the war is finally over. She, along with many others, sacrifice immensely for our freedom and we will forever be Thankful!! She may look small, but my sister can kick some butt!!”

– Owner Representative, Serena Lucas



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“On Veterans Day, I salute my brother, Chief Troy Lundquist, who is active in the US Air Force for over 29 years and all our military heroes; they care not for themselves but for the nation.”

– Owner Representative Manager, Leah Bulhack




“From the deepest depth of my heart, I wish to thank and congratulate all the service men and women, both current and past, for choosing to protect our lives and liberty! May each and every one of them continue to be protected and blessed beyond measure for the daily sacrifices they make so we can live free. May the citizens of the USA always be mindful of and respect this brave and loyal service!”

-Reservations, Leslie Miller