Football season is back! Grab your jersey, call up your friends, and start cooking those wings: the perfect home for Football Sunday is waiting for you at Deep Creek Lake!

Whether you are looking for a quiet cabin in the woods, a lakefront estate, or a countryside mansion, we are sure to have the perfect home to host family and friends as you cheer on your favorite team. What makes a good home for Football Sunday? There are a few key features that top the list: big TVs, comfortable seating, and open layouts so you can go from the fridge to couch in a flash– and back again!

Take a sneak peek at our favorite choices for football at the lake. We have an option for every group!

Football Season Watch the Big Game Homes Deep Creek Lake

2 bedrooms: Lakewood #13
3 Bedrooms: Lost Bearadise
4 Bedrooms: District Creek
5 Bedrooms: Bear Foot Cove
6 Bedrooms: Exceeding Expectations
7 Bedrooms: Sunkissed Cove
8 Bedrooms: Beyond Bliss
9 bedrooms:  Timberlodge
10 Bedrooms: The Herrington


Football Season Watch the Big Game Homes Deep Creek Lake

Ravens Fan? Check out Lake Shore Lodge! This stunning 5 bedroom home has a special surprise in the lower level, sure to delight Baltimore fans. (Hint– look on the walls!)