We’ve all felt it: there’s just something special about Deep Creek. It’s that small town feeling, a sentiment of welcome and trust, where charity and community go hand-in hand and belonging can be found in every interaction and everyday gesture.

When you arrive, you are sure to find a place where neighbors say hello and strangers look after one another. A place where you can trust freely, explore with curiosity, and welcome each day with a smile. Whether you find yourself in Deep Creek as a guest, an owner, or a local, you are sure to experience this feeling for yourself; it’s as much a part of the Deep Creek Lake experience as the lake itself, or the mountains around us. The towns may be small, but the charm here is BIG!

Jeffrey Kincaid, owner of  Wispering Timbers and Between the Timbers, shared with us several shining examples of our famous Deep Creek hospitality. We loved hearing his story and know you will, too. Thanks for sharing, Jeffery!


The small town “thing” isn’t something that can be produced.  Trusting people, willing & wanting to help, unhurried attitude ready to strike up a conversation….

I grew up in a small town In West Virginia, but too many years out of the state have made me a city boy.  Last year when we were working on the house a lot, I was at the Dollar General check-out where I asked “is there a hardware store closer than Lowes where I could get a battery charger for my drill.?” A guy behind me asked what type & said he had one I could borrow.  His wife offered to help carry my groceries to my car.  I ended up feeling bad about my non-trusting nature.  I said “no thanks, I can carry the groceries” because I was worried about some scam in the parking lot.  I did end up following Carroll and his wife back to his house to grab the charger….I wouldn’t do that in Detroit! 

It’s kind of sad the “walls” we have to put up when we live in the “city” & refreshing to get to a different place.  Getting away isn’t just about getting away from traffic jams and urban sprawl to the trees and mountains….it’s about getting back to a place where people are more openly friendly & helpful. 

People are people & once you get to know them, there are good and bad people everywhere….it just easier and faster to get to know good small town people without the protective “walls” erected by  us “city folk”.


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