Are you looking for a winter activity that is as exhilarating as the natural beauty around you?  Look no further than Deep Creek Lake snowshoeing!

Snowshoe? What’s that? A snowshoe is footwear for walking on the snow, making it easy to enjoy hiking trails that are usually only accessible during the warmer months. Garrett County boasts an annual snowfall of over 100”, which is why this exciting winter sport is very popular here in Deep Creek Lake.

Enjoy a quiet walk across the snow-covered fields or trek through one of our many pine-scented forests.   With miles of trails at Garrett County’s four state parks, there is sure to be a snowshoeing trail for everyone! New to the snowshoeing sport and not sure of what you need? No worries! Many retail stores in the area offer snowshoe rentals by the hour or day and also sell outdoor clothing and gear.  Here are some considerations before you go out on your snowshoeing adventure:

Weather- always check the weather forecast before you go out and take into consideration the shorter daylight hours.

Clothing- dress appropriately for winter conditions. Quick drying layers work very well for snowshoeing and don’t forget to wear typical winter clothing such as snow pants, warm jacket, hat, gloves.

Food/Water- your body burns more calories in the winter to keep you warm so keep that in mind when planning on how much food to bring. Always bring plenty food and water when snowshoeing.

Trail Map- All of the state parks in Garrett County provide trail maps for free or for a minimal fee.  These guides are highly recommended, as they are intended to make your snowshoeing excursion a fun and safe experience.

No matter your age or ability level, snowshoeing in Deep Creek Lake is an exciting winter sport that the whole family can enjoy!

Interested in a guided snowshoe adventure? Check out All Earth Eco Tour’s guided winter hiking and snowshoe adventures!