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With the crisp Autumn breeze and bright Fall leaves all around, the conditions are just right to run, play, and cuddle with all your favorite pet and people. This Autumn, treat Fido to the vacation he deserves! Visit Deep Creek Lake for a tail-wagging good time!  (more…)

Hey four-legged friends!

My name is Camden and I am a local Deep Creek Lake pooch. Let me tell you: this is one great place to be a dog! I spend my summers splashing around the lake, swimming and running along sandy beaches. Falls are spent tearing through the fall foliage and rolling across the leaves. And let’s not forget my mom’s favorite: spring, where I am coated in mud 24-7.

But, winters are my absolute favorite time to be a dog at Deep Creek! There is nothing I love more than making fresh trails in the snow, rolling about, digging my snout in the snow.


Have you watched Deep Creek Lake lovers stand-up paddling (SUP) with their dogs aboard with envy?   Sharing this outdoor adventure with our four-legged friends in the summer of ’16 seems like an achievable goal.   We have dogs and decided to research the training methods used by successful paddlers prior to the beginning of the season to ensure that we were ready to hit the water when the temperature heats up.

Here is what we learned! (more…)

As the temperatures rise here at Deep Creek Lake, so does the desire to get outdoors and explore the mountainous areas that have been snow covered for the last several months. Inside your cozy home has been the perfect shelter from the cold, but there’s a fine line between warm nights spent inside and the dreaded cabin fever. Looking back at the winter months, you realize that you haven’t been the only one cooped up inside, your companion has been there every chilly day as well. Not that companion, your four-legged, tail wagging companion!

Fortunately, spring is right around the corner! So store away the heavy winter coat, break out the hiking boots, and grab the leash; it’s time to Spring into Deep Creek!

Deep Creek Lake is known for having the most beautifully vibrant and breathtaking scenery, and what better way to experience the serene mountainous surroundings than to get out to visit one of our dog parks near Deep Creek Lake and EXPLORE!

New Germany State Park welcomes you and your pups to take advantage of the abundant features of the park this spring season. From hiking trails and picnic areas to snack bars and boat rentals, New Germany State Park has all your exploration needs.

Offering ten miles of multi-use trails, you and your furry friends can work off those winter treats while enjoying the incredible scenery. When it comes time for a snack, head over to the snack bar to grab an energizing treat. Being a dog friendly park with all access areas like the picnic tables, take a break for lunch in the shade while enjoying the fresh mountain air. If you seek a more adventurous lunchtime setting, make a stop by the lake and watch the boaters go by the Deep Creek hiking trails.

Railey Mountain Lake Vacations wants you to have the BEST experience while visiting the dog friendly Deep Creek Lake area, so here are some quick tips to keep in mind when exploring with your best friend this spring season.

Now get out and Spring into Deep Creek!