Taylor’s tale of her time aboard Anthem of The Sea!

Trying to accommodate all family members when planning a family vacation can be overwhelming. The kids want a trip full of exciting activities and entertainment, while the grandparents just want some R&R. The guys want their time to explore, while the ladies want time in the sun with a good book. No matter what you are looking for in a vacation, we all can agree on one thing, we want the feeling of safety and comfort.

On Saturday, February 6, one of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations’ reservationists, Taylor Baker, and ten of her family members set sail with Royal Caribbean Anthem of The Sea cruise line to Nassau Bahamas. The family anticipated a 7-day luxurious cruise, with stops at Port Canaveral, FL and the Bahamas. Unfortunately, due to an extreme winter storm, the captain made the decision to cancel the trip after two days, and head back to port.

taylor newTaylor and her family members were devastated. Not only were they not able to enjoy their eagerly anticipated cruise, but the time they experienced while confined to their rooms for over 12 hours during the storm was terrifying.

“Dishes were breaking, everything was flying around, the waves were coming over our balcony” explains Taylor. “We literally had to hold onto our bed…if you wanted to go to the bathroom, you had to walk on an incline to get there due to the badly swaying ship.”


“I got sick 7 times throughout the storm.” Taylor’s room was on the 8th deck and she and her friend, Chris, could see the waves crashing into the sliding glass doors. Taylor’s uncle, Randy, was on the 10th deck and all of his balcony furniture was swept into the ocean.

“I just wanted it to stop,” explained Taylor.

None of this sounds like fun and it definitely doesn’t sound like a vacation. Why take your chance on the unpredictable sea when you can come to the safe harbor of Deep Creek Lake?

We have over 65 miles of gorgeous shoreline and more than 3,900 acres of freshwater. We’re a four-season destination and have outstanding restaurants and bars. We have numerous outdoor activities, and the best of all, we have land. Stable land!

Come to Deep Creek Lake where you can have a safe and memorable vacation and remember to ask Taylor about her cruise when you call to book your next Deep Creek Lake rental!

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