As you explore Deep Creek, be sure to keep your cell phone handy as there are tons of photo-worthy opportunities around every corner. If you have a nicer camera, great, but you certainly don’t need anything more than your regular cell phone camera to capture some sensational shots. Check out a few of our favorite DCL pics– all taken with camera phones! We’ve even got a few tips on how to get the perfect shot.


Tip 1: Try for Sunrise or Sunset

When you aim for sunrise or sunset, you’re photos are graced with an extra dimension of drama. All the heavy lifting is provided by nature and your photos are sure to shine! Be sure to orient yourself towards the east for sunrise and towards the west for sunset!

deep creek lake things to do spring

Tip 2: Play with Perspective

Photos are so much more fun when they are taken from an unexpected angle, perceptive, or point-of-view. So play around with your shots! See all the different ways you can capture a moment.

deep creek lake things to do spring

Bonus: this picture plays with perceptive and is shot at sunset! 

deep creek lake things to do spring

Tip 3: Boost Vibrancy

Kick it up a notch! Most cell phones come with the built-in ability to play around with lighting and color– and there are certainly hundreds off apps out there to help you do just that. Once you take a shot you like, see if you can play around with some of minor photo editing.

deep creek lake things to do spring

Tip 4: Try Something New

Sometimes what makes a photo work best is simply combining elements you don’t typically see together– like this shot of teenage boy at the School House Earth Petting Zoo. The subject is inherently interesting and, by extension, the photo becomes special, too!

deep creek lake things to do spring

As you get out there and start photographing your DCL vacation,

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