When you unpack the car and officially start your Deep Creek Lake vacation, something exciting happens: you change into someone entirely new! So, who will you become when you transform into ‘You on Vacation?’ Take our quiz and find out!

1. What is your favorite Deep Creek Lake vacation amenity?

a. A Killer View
b. A Quiet Neighborhood
c. Modern Kitchen
d. Spacious Rooms
e. Home Gym
f. Convenient Location

2. You just shared the perfect snapshot from your Deep Creek Lake vacation. What hashtag do you use?

a. #DeepCreekLake #Vacation #MyTripIn1Pic #LoveIt #Fun #Adventure #Snapshots
b. #RestAndRelaxation
c. #FamilyDinner
d. #Togetherness
e. #BeachBody
f. #SoMuchToDo #SoMuchToSee #SoLittleTime

3. You wake up to a glorious day at the lake! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and our glittering lake waters are clearer than ever. What’s on your mind?

a. Morning light is the best! I better head down to the dock for a photo session along the water. The clock is ticking for the perfect snap-shot!
b. I’m going to grab a book and hit the hammock. I like my mornings quiet. Nothing but coffee and contemplation for me!
c. Breakfast, of course! I make a mean French toast. The family is going to love it!
d. I’m not wasting another second without my favorite people by my side. I better get started on these wake-up calls!
e. I’ve been sleeping for hours. How about a quick jog to start the day? There’s nothing better!
f. I’ve heard that Trader’s Coffee House has a great breakfast menu. It’d be a shame to miss it!

Mostly A's: You are the Instagrammer


For your Deep Creek Lake vacation, we recommend Peregrine’s Perch! For unrivaled mountain views, this home tops the list. You won’t even need to sacrifice lake snapshots; you can take a short drive down the mountain to the home’s lake access point and community dock slip for a lakeside photo shoot.


Mostly B's: You are the Staycationer


For your Deep Creek Lake vacation, we recommend Memory Maker! With indoor and outdoor pools, home theatre room, game tables, basketball court and more, this massive estate has plenty of in-home amenities to keep you busy. You’ll never want to leave!



Mostly C's: You are the Foodie


For your Deep Creek Lake vacation, we recommend It’s A Wonderful Life! With modern kitchen, lower level kitchenette, and luxurious outdoor grilling station, you are sure to whip some tasty meals during your stay here. Feel Like going out for a change? The fine dining at Dutch’s at Silver Tree is just down the road!


Mostly 'D's: You are the Social Butterfly


For your Deep Creek Lake vacation, we recommend Diamond on the Lake! There is no better place to get the whole crew together. The open layout and plentiful seating of this charming lake home make it easy to keep everyone you love together in one place.



Mostly E's: You are the body builder


For your Deep Creek Lake vacation, we recommend At Last! This exquisite lakefront home comes with a private home gym and outdoor volleyball court, as well as free access to the Community Aquatic Recreation Center. Never miss a workout again!



Mostly F's: You are the wanderer

 For your Deep Creek Lake vacation, we recommend Enchanted Lakefront! Conveniently located along central Deep Creek Lake, this home is just minutes away from bars, restaurants, state parks, and more! You can even walk to the popular Honi Honi Bar!

No matter what type of vacationer you are, the perfect Deep Creek vacation home is out there waiting for you. Explore our selection of homes and get the adventure started today! 

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