That’s right, Santa is coming to Deep Creek Lake! With such a busy holiday season, at the end of the year Santa needs a break, and what better place to kick up his feet and relax than Deep Creek Lake?

Between managing the elves and preparing the sleigh, Ole’ St. Nick doesn’t have time to plan his winter Deep Creek Lake vacation. so he has tasked our ‘deer’ friend, Railey Reindeer, to find the best places in the area to explore.
But how can one deer show ALL that Deep Creek Lake has to offer? That’s where you come in!

Railey Reindeer needs your help convincing Santa that Deep Creek Lake was the right choice in planning his winter vacation.

Each day Railey Reindeer will be posting a photo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook from different spots he’s exploring that day around the lake. Tell us where Railey Reindeer is on the lake and win a DCL sticker!

Come on, let’s get Santa to DCL!

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