Join Us for a Private Tour of our RV Laundry Facility!

You arrive at your dream Deep Creek Lake vacation rental home and it is prepared just for you! Beds made with crisp, clean sheets and thick, white towels hung in your inviting bathroom.  There is a wonderful joy and feeling of relaxation as you climb into that perfectly made bed on the very first night of lake vacation!

This little detail makes the vacation home that you walk into feel like your own, but did you know that it is not a simple one to accomplish? In fact, Railey Vacations has an entire department and professional equipment dedicated to managing the laundry we accumulate from over 9,000 reservations each and every year.

In the Summer of 2015, we averaged 17,500 pounds of laundry each week!

Our laundry department is made up of 15 dedicated employees that do it all, from washing, drying, and folding sheets, pillow cases, towels, and washcloths to organizing the exact inventory needed for each home by reservation and delivering the full red crates to every door step.  Have seen our red crates waiting outside of our rental homes? These are used to transport our linens out to the properties and back to our facility after a stay.

This past year, we purchased new laundry equipment that has significantly increased the department’s efficiency, cutting down on the time and resources needed to prepare all of the laundry for our next set of arrivals.  Preparing laundry at this scale requires an impressive piece of equipment, check out the time lapse video above to see our team setting up the new machine in our laundry department.

Railey Vacations would like to recognize our employees that make up our laundry department for their dedication to service and attention to detail, cleaning, and preparing linens every week to enhance our guests’ experience!