It may be February, but grab a towel! Deep Creek Lake is waiting!

Garrett County is known for its chilly winter snow, and for good reason:  the area has been known to get upwards to 200 inches of snow a season, including the recent 2009-2010 season in which Deep Creek Lake saw a record-breaking 262 inches of snow. The average yearly snowfall, compiled from 50 years of records, puts the number a little above 135 inches a year! Compare that to nearby Baltimore, which averages around 20 inches, Washington D.C, with 15 inches, and Pittsburgh, with 41 inches, and it becomes clear that our winter reputation was earned fair and square.

Armed with that knowledge, consider the bravery, fortitude, and dedication necessary to stand before the edge of the lake, amidst February flurries, and actually get in the water. Yet, that is exactly what thousands of Deep Creek “dunkers” plan to do! The annual Deep Creek Dunk fundraiser, held February 25th, seeks to raise $200,000 for adults and children with disabilities through the Special Olympics Maryland. This annual event is a high-spirited affair with silly costumes, rocking music, and big smiles all around. Looking for some frosty fun to liven up this February?  Experience it for yourself! Here a few quick tips for a successful Dunk Day:

Here are a few quick tips for a successful Dunk Day:

  1. Bring a change of clothes! Be sure to pack a backpack with a towel, change of clothing, and dry pair of shoes. If possible, opt for loose, warm clothing: after getting in the lake, you’ll want to be able to get into new clothes, fast.
  2. Raise a minimum of 75$!  When you do, you’ll take home a commemorate 2017 Deep Creek Dunk sweatshirt. What a nice way to warm up!
  3. Don’t forget your camera! Got a friend who isn’t quite up to the challenge? No problem! Keep them on dry land and have them get the camera ready; there will surely be a lot of hilarity to capture.

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