The owners of two of our wonderful ski in/ski out homes, Wispering Timbers and Between the Timbers, have put a lot of work into building vacation retreats that stand out from the crowd. From the stunning wormy chestnut flooring in Wispering Timbers to the very names chosen, these owners have shared with us a number of personal stories and photos detailing their process of making these houses into homes. We are so happy to share these stories with you- keep an eye out for even more stories in the coming weeks!

Take a look at the photos of these two properties and you will surely notice the stunning wood furnishings found throughout. Between the two properties, you’ll find four awesome handmade beds- crafted with love and great skill by the owners’ nephews! Three of the beds can be found at Wispering Timbers and one can be found in the master bedroom at Between the Timbers.


Of the beds, the owners have shared:

We had a family “argument” over which one was best.  I think the “Viking” bed in Wispering Timbers Master Bedroom is the best.  They are all ridiculously heavy, but that one was made from the timbers of an old barn. It will never be moved…again.  I think it is also cool that it is made from American Chestnut prior to the great blight.  Many like the most recent one (pictured above).  The nephews actually had enough guts to smack their new creation with chains & such to make it look old.

Additionally, they have shared a very sweet story about another one of  their custom beds. Enjoy!:

A Timbers Story – X Marks the Spot

(The story behind a family made custom bed)

When I started a list of potential Timbers stories many months ago, I put one on the list titled “X marks the spot”.  The intent was to tell the story behind one of the custom-made beds upstairs in Wispering Timbers where the varied wood pattern forms an “X” shape in the headboard.

I don’t think I have ever shared the list of potential stories with anyone other than my wife, so it was a surprise when someone who had stayed at Wispering recently posted a photo that stated, “here’s our little one sleeping right in the middle of X marks the spot”

I loved the photo and idea that others are having great family times in the home.  With the reference to “X marks the spot”, I remembered that I hadn’t actually told the story of the beds, including how they were made by my nephews.  I think the coincidental reference indicates that now is the time.

Even though our kids are now adults, we still assigned bedrooms in WT.  Stephanie and Tiffany took the lead role in furnishing and decorating their rooms (with help from Stephanie’s husband Nate).  A bedroom’s focal point is often the bed, so the girls started looking through Pinterest for bed designs.  Most of their favorites tended toward a rustic design, but less primitive than hewn log beds.

During trips to Ohio in the fall of 2016 for a wedding and its preparation, we learned that 2 of our nephews were pretty good at making furniture.  Before they knew what they were getting into, they were tasked with making 2 beds based solely on the Pinterest photos they were supplied. 

The larger first bed, the one with “X marks the spot,” took many weeks and necessitated that many decisions be made.  What wood should be used?  Where would we get the wood?  Stain color or colors?  Finish?  Once the bed was in progress, the boys wanted to keep its progress a secret until it was completed.  The “reveal” didn’t happen until late in the Fall when the nephews personally made the delivery.

The large bed doesn’t look overly large in the bedroom with its extra high ceilings, but headboard is a monster.  The 4 inch thick, solid wood headboard is nearly 7 feet tall and wide (8o” X 83”).  It took the full attention of 4 grown men to move it up the stairs to the 2nd floor.  Thank goodness the steps are wide & gentle; there are probably many 2nd floors (if not most) that it would be impossible to negotiate while carrying such a large head board.

When the nephews started setting up the bed, its appearance really started to “pop.”  It was impressive-looking when it was unwrapped coming off the truck, but really showed its beauty as it was assembled in the bedroom.  We love the attention to detail the boys put into the bed’s construction.  Just look at the rails that hold the box springs and mattress-hey are much more than just functional wood support!

The same is also true of the second bed, (Steph and Nate’s bed) which is a similar style but with more subtle variations in the stain and different proportions.

You could tell the boys were proud of their creations and craftsmanship.  We are so happy to have such beautiful family made furniture in our family vacation home.  Great furniture is great no matter where it is from, but the story behind this furniture makes it special….at least to us.